Lynn Bahta, BSN, MPH
Disclosures: Nothing to disclose - 10/07/2021


Work: 625 Robert Street N, Saint Paul, MN 55164 | 651-201-5505 | [email protected]

Home: 92 River Woods Lane, Burnsville, MN 55337 | 612-220-4397 | [email protected]

Professional skills

Clinical nursing, pediatrics and critical care

Subject matter expertise, immunizations, vaccine hesitancy

Public health nursing

Health/nursing education


Education and training

University of Minnesota, School of Public Health, Minneapolis, MN

Masters in Public Health                                                                                            May 2019

Public Health Core Program Certificate                       2016

National Board of Public Health Examiners, Certification                                                                                    2019

Augsburg College, Minneapolis, MN, Bachelor of Science, Nursing, GPA 3.86                                                        1984

Arthur B. Ancker Memorial School of Nursing, St. Paul, MN, Diploma, Nursing                                                        1975


Work Experience

Minnesota Department of Health                                                                                                   2001 to present

Immunization Program Clinical Consultant (2007 - present)

         Programmatic and technical immunization consultant for internal programs

         Subject matter expert for vaccine-related issues including vaccine-preventable disease outbreak response

         Clinical Editor of the “Got Your Shots” monthly newsletter for MDH immunization program

         Consultant to the Minnesota Immunization Practices Advisory Committee

         Consultant to local public health immunization programs, clinics, and health professionals

         Speaker at local, state, professional and national conferences

         Minnesota Vaccine Safety Coordinator

         COVID-19 response: Vaccine Safety, Workplace Lead, Training and education, Outreach to diverse communities

Key accomplishments:

         2018: Special Emphasis Peer Review Panelist for a CDC Cooperative Grant Application

         2016-present: AIM representative on the ACIP Zoster workgroup

         2015-present: provide monthly Clinical Corner expertise to local public health immunization representatives

         2013: Chaired Minnesota Immunization Practices Advisory Committee subgroup to develop a strategic plan to address vaccine hesitancy in Minnesota

         2008-present: Provide leadership role in addressing vaccine hesitancy issues among Minnesota Somali parents

         2007-2012: Member of National Association of Immunization Managers Vaccine Storage and Handling work group

         2009: Directed clinician and public information lines during 2009 influenza pandemic response

         2008: Collaborated with MN Board of Nursing to create vaccine protocols for local public health immunization programs

Supervisor, Immunization Clinical Unit (2001-2007)

         Minnesota Vaccines for Children Coordinator

         Managed Vaccines for Children (VFC) program staff

         Managed vaccine budget

         Provided staff oversight for adult immunization outreach activities

Key accomplishments:

         2002-2003: Planned and executed smallpox vaccination clinic operations

         2006: Formalized VFC policies and procedures for Minnesota’s VFC clinics


Immunization Action Coalition                                                                                                   1996-2001

Nurse Consultant

         Provided consultation to professionals in the area of immunization, risk communication, and hepatitis A and B prevention

         Created resources and tools used to improve clinic immunization practices

         Associate Editor, Needle Tips & the Hepatitis B Coalition News, Immunization Action Coalition’s nationally distributed publication

Key accomplishments:

         1997-2000: Planning committee member for four national Perinatal Hepatitis B conferences

         1999-2000: Subject matter consultant for production of a Vaccine Administration Techniques video produced by the Immunization Program at the California Department of Health and Human Services


Saint Paul Public Health                                                                                                                                    1990-1996

Public Health Nurse

         Manager: Lead Poisoning Prevention program (1990-1992); Perinatal Hepatitis B Prevention program (1992-1994); TB prevention program (1994-1996)

         Immunization clinic staff: assessed immunization status, screened for contraindications and precautions, administered vaccinations (1990-1996)

         Case reporting, management and follow-up

         Patient/community education

         Development of educational materials

Key accomplishments:

         1991: Developed standardized protocols and procedures related to lead prevention and hepatitis B programs

         1992: Planned/executed statewide Lead Poisoning Prevention conference in collaboration with MDH                           

         1995: Planned/executed a statewide training for TB case management in collaboration with MDH                           

         1996: Led a TB investigation involving a public school of over 500 students                                                                     


University of Minnesota Hospital and Clinics                                                                                                           1986-1991

Clinical/Charge/Transport Nurse

         Clinical nurse duties for tertiary pediatric intensive care unit

         Provided transport nursing care for critically ill children

Key accomplishments:

         1989: Advanced Pediatric Life Support certification                                                                                                 


St. Paul-Ramsey and Gillette Hospitals                                                                                                            1976-1986

Clinical/Charge Nurse, Nurse Educator

         Clinical nursing duties for an adult general medical unit

         Clinical nursing duties for a combined pediatric general and intensive care unit

         Staff orientation and training coordinator

Key accomplishments:

         1985: Developed an orientation curriculum for intensive care unit nurses                                                                      

         1980-1986: Certified Train-the-trainer instructor in Basic Life Support                                                                              

         1984-1985: Planner/speaker at metro-wide pediatric intensive care training program                                                  


Bethel Care Center                                                                                                                                        1975-1976

Nurse Supervisor

         Directed care in a 50-bed intermediate care floor.


Related Experience

American Refugee Committee                                                                                                                          1985-1986

Public Health Nurse Volunteer, Sudan, Africa

         Developed and executed medic training program for Eritrean and Tigray refugees; training focused on basic medical diagnosis and treatment of commonly seen diseases

         Staffed a cholera isolation unit

         Taught basic nutrition to nutrition aides

         Conducted classes for home visitors


Publications and Papers

Christianson B., Sharif-Mohamed F., Heath J., Roddy R., Bahta L., Omar H., Rockwood T., Kenyon C. (2020) Parental attitudes and decisions regarding MMR vaccination during an outbreak of measles among an undervaccinated Somali community in Minnesota. Vaccine, 38(45), 6979-6984,


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Invited speaking engagements and abstracts

2021              Minnesota Pharmacists Association: Building Vaccine Confidence in the time of COVID-19

2021              University of Minnesota medical school: Building Up Vaccine Acceptance

2020              University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire: Nursing Role in Public Policy

2019              St. Luke’s Foundation: Ethics of Vaccination

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2019              2019 Public Health Ethics Forum: Ethical Dilemmas in Child and Adolescent Health.

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2018               48th National Immunization Conference, CDC, accepted abstract for a workshop presentation: Measles in Minnesota: Community and Public Health Interventions.

2017               MN Academy of Physician Assistants Annual Fall CME Conference: Immunization Update.

2017               South Dakota Immunization Conference: 2017 Minnesota measles outbreak: a multi-faceted response.

2017               South East MN Immunization Connection Annual Conference: Immunization Update and Review of School Immunization Rules – One Year Later.

2016               MN Community Health Conference; accepted abstract for workshop presentation: Building Trust with the Somali Community to Address Misinformation about MMR and autism.

2016               47th National Immunization Conference, CDC, accepted abstract for a workshop presentation: Addressing MMR Vaccine Hesitancy among Somali Minnesotans.

2016               South East Minnesota Immunization Connection Annual Conference: What’s New with Vaccination in 2016?

2015               University of Minnesota School of Public Health Alumni Meeting: Communicating with the Vaccine Hesitant.

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1999               National Hepatitis Prevention Conference, CDC: How to Build and Maintain Trust and Credibility: The Challenge of Risk Communication


Honors and Awards

2020              Star Honor Award, Exceptional Leadership Award, Minnesota Department of Health

2019              Appointee, Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices

2018              Bereth Award, 2018 Silver Award in Risk Communication, National Public Health Information Coalition

2011              Certificate of Achievement, American Nurses Association                                                                                                  

2007              Honor Award Certificate, National Center for Preparedness, Detection, and Control of Infectious Disease, CDC              

1999              Outstanding Commitment Award, Viral Hepatitis Branch and the National Immunization Program, CDC                            

1997              Partners in Excellence Award, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention                                                                      

1995              Employee of the Month, City of Saint Paul                                                                                                                

1993              Team Achievement Award, Saint Paul Public Health                                                                                                  

1991              Team Achievement Award, Saint Paul Public Health                                                                                                  

1984              Alpha Chi (National Honor Society), Augsburg College                                                                                                 



American Nurses Association (ANA), 2012 to present

Minnesota Organization of Nurses (MNORN), 2012 to present

Minnesota Public Health Association (MPHA), 2018 to present

National Network of Immunization Nurses and Associates (NNINA), 1999-2006, Board member, Recording Secretary, 1999-2003