Zeke J McKinney, MD, MPH
Disclosures: Nothing to disclose - 10/22/2021

Professional Biography

Zeke J. McKinney, MD, MHI, MPH, FACOEM


Dr. McKinney grew up in North Minneapolis and completed all of his medical training here in the Twin Cities. He practices clinical occupational and environmental medicine in the Twin Cities, and he is one of few clinicians in Minnesota who evaluates work and community-related environmental toxicologic exposures. He is also the Program Director in the OEM residency program where he trained, an affiliate assistant professor at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health, and a clinical investigator for the HealthPartners Institute. Most notably, he is a co-investigator for the Oxford University/Astra-Zeneca COVID-19 vaccine trial for which the HealthPartners Institute is a site. Following his work on this trial, he has engaged in addressing COVID-19 misinformation and vaccine hesitancy in communities of color, including helping to initiate a longitudinal vaccine clinic as part of the Shots at the Shop national initiative to support engagement within local barbershops. His general interests are in preventing work-related illness/injury, improving data-driven decision-making in clinical contexts, environmental toxicology, health equity, environmental justice, public safety medicine, managing complex impairment/disability, and increasing the health literacy of patients and communities. Dr. McKinney wants to ensure that healthcare systems and insurers address the social determinants of health that affect patients outside of the exam room, such as healthcare access, housing, employment, environmental hazards, and nutrition. In addition, Dr. McKinney is passionate about justice for all patients, both in the clinic as well as in the community, and ensuring that healthcare outcomes and preventable hazards are equitably distributed across populations rather than disproportionately affecting some more than others. He focuses on the individual’s needs, recognizing that every patient has their own unique situation. Each person’s story is different and he attempts to get to know them as individuals and to help them reach their goals. Overall, he wants each patient to reach their optimal level of performance and function, whether at work or in their individual activities.